Institut national d'‚tudes d‚mographiques, 27, rue du Commandeur, 75675, Paris, France.

Unit‚ ``D‚mographie et ‚pid‚miologie'', INED, PARIS

Inserm CJF 88-12, Hôpital Lapeyronie, Montpellier, France.

We are very grateful to Eileen Crimmins and her colleagues, in particular Yasuhiko Saito, for help with the present study. This collaboration allows us to compare methods using strictly the same inputs (selection of individuals, health criteria, treatment of missing data, etc).

Death corresponds to state 3, we have: 52#52 for k=1,2 and 53#53 for j=1,3.

Since T is not strictly equal to 2 years, some corrections have to be made for operational computations.

Nicolas Brouard
Tue Jun 6 00:15:46 DF 1995