Thursday July 4th 1996

 10.00-10.30   Registration and tea/coffee                                                 
 Session 1:    Priorities in Mental Health                                                 
10.30 - 12.40  Chair: K RITCHIE (INSERM-Equipe, Montpellier). Rapporteur: RJM PERENBOOM    
               (TNO Prevention and Health, Leiden)                                         
     (5)       Introduction from Chair                                                     
    (20)       J GRIMLEY EVANS (University of Oxford), Opening of Meeting                  
    (20)       H VAN DE WATER (TNO Prevention and Health, Leiden), The gap between         
               health expectancy and policy making: lessons learnt so far.                 
    (15)       Tea/Coffee                                                                  
    (30)       N SARTORIUS (University Hospital, Geneva), European views of changes in     
               mental health concepts and priorities                                       
    (30)       R JENKINS (Department of Health, London), Policy Relevance                  
    (10)       Round table discussion                                                      
12.40 - 14.00  Lunch                                                                       
 Session 2:    Mental Health Calculations in Europe I                                      
14.00 - 15.30  Chair: JM ROBINE (INSERM, Montpellier).  Rapporteur: E CAMBOIS (INSERM,     
    (15)       M HIBBETT (University of Leicester), Census of Mental Health Surveys -      
    (10)       C POLGE (INSERM-Equipe, Montpellier), Development of Database               
   (20+5)      C JAGGER (University of Leicester), Resume of calculation methods and       
               calculations to date                                                        
   (15+5)      H VAN OYEN (Centre of Operational Public Health Research, Brussels),        
               Country Report 1 - Belgium                                                  
   (15+5)      R PERENBOOM (TNO Prevention and Health, Leiden), Country Report 2 - The     
15.30 - 16.00  Tea/Coffee                                                                  
 Session 3:    Mental Health Calculations in Europe 2                                      
16.00 - 17.00  Chair: H VAN DE WATER (TNO Prevention and Health, Leiden).  Rapporteur: P   
               MUNK-JORGENSON (University of Aarhus)                                       
   (15+5)      D DEEG (Free University, Amsterdam), Country Report 3 - The Netherlands     
   (15+5)      H BRONNUM-HANSEN (Danish Institute Clinical Epidemiology), N RASMUSSEN      
               (Danish Institute Clinical Epidemiology), Country Report 4 - Denmark        
    (20)       Discussion of Day 1                                                         
    17.00      Closure of first day                                                        

Friday July 5th 1996

 Session 4:    Mental Health Calculations in Europe 3                                      
9.30 - 10.25   Chair: F REISCHIES (Free University, Berlin). Rapporteur: M BONE            
               (formerly OPCS)                                                             
     (5)       Opening                                                                     
   (15+5)      R GISPERT (Mental Health Studies Institute, Barcelona), Country Report 5    
               - Spain                                                                     
   (15+5)      B LAWLOR (St. James's Hospital, Dublin), Country Report 6 - Eire            
   (15+5)      C McCRACKEN (Royal Liverpool Hospital), C JAGGER (University of             
               Leicester), Country Report 7 - UK                                           
10.25 - 11.00  Tea/Coffee                                                                  
 Session 5:    Harmonisation of Scales                                                     
11.00 - 12.30  Chair: D DEEG (Free University, Amsterdam). Rapporteur: C McCRACKEN         
               (Royal Liverpool Hospital)                                                  
   (25+5)      T BRUGHA (University of Leicester), Strengths and weaknesses of             
               assessment scales                                                           
   (25+5)      M PRINCE (Institute of Psychiatry, London), EuroDEP work on harmonisation   
               of scales                                                                   
   (25+5)      K RITCHIE (INSERM-Equipe, Montpellier), Harmonisation of indicators         
12.30 - 14.00  Lunch                                                                       
 Session 6:    Methodological Issues for Mental Health Studies                             
14.00 - 15.45  Chair: C JAGGER (University of Leicester). Rapporteur: A BEBBINGTON         
               (University of Kent, Canterbury)                                            
   (25+5)      M MCGEE (MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge), The impact of prevalence on    
               differential mortality patterns in old age: implications for health         
   (25+5)      A PICKLES (Institute of Psychiatry, London), Defining fuzzy states          
    (20)       Round table discussion: problems and future directions for mental health    
    (15)       N BROUARD (INED, Paris), Brief report of subcommittee on Research Design    
               and Calculation Methods                                                     
    (10)       JM ROBINE (INSERM, Montpellier), Euro-REVES and future meetings             
    15.45      Closure of meeting